Felician College

Ethics Conference Program

Felician College, Lodi Campus

March 17, 2007

Note: The Conference is happening, despite the snow.  But our morning schedule has been pushed back a little!!

10:00 AM—10:30 AM Registration and Coffee – Kirby Hall 3rd Floor

10:30 AM—12:30 AM CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 – Kirby Hall

  1. History of Ethics, Chair: Don Casey, Felician College                      Kirby Hall 333
  1. “The Morality of Mill’s On Liberty”, James Mahon, Princeton University

Commentator: Damien Dupont, CUNY Graduate Center

  1. “Can Francis Hutcheson’s Moral Sense Theory Explain the Reasons an Agent Should Act Morally?”, Douglas Paletta, University of Pennsylvania

Commentator: David Morrow, CUNY Graduate Center

  1. Analytic Ethics, Chair: Yvonne Raley, Felician College         Kirby Hall 334
  1. “Putnam and the Objectivity of Moral Values”, Sergio Gallegos, CUNY Graduate Center

Commentator: Paul Eckstein, BCC

  1. “What’s Right with the Open Question Argument”, Susana Nuccetelli and Gary Seay, University of Texas Pan-American

Commentator: Carl Hammer, CUNY Graduate Center

  1. Consequentialism and its Critics, Chair: Lisa Cassidy, Ramapo       Kirby Hall 335
  1. “Consequentialism and Doing and Allowing”, Robert Muhlnickel, University of Rochester

Commentator: Christine Vitrano, CCNY

  1. “Is the Right Prior to the Good?”, Julian Fink, Oxford University

Commentator: Richard Burnor, Felician College

12:30 AM—1:15 PM LUNCH – Cafeteria, Albin Obal Hall

1:15 PM—3:00 PM PLENARY SESSION (Albin Obal Hall):

Virginia Held (CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College)

“Terrorism and Military Intervention”

Commentator: Lisa Cassidy, Ramapo College


D. Justice and War, Chair: Don Casey, Felician College            Kirby Hall 333

1. “Some Problems with a Certain Conception of Just War as Law Enforcement”, Jake Blair, University of California at Santa Barbara

Commentator: Vicente Medina, Seton Hall University

2. “A Hybrid Approach to Transitional Justice”, Morton Winston, TCNJ

Commentator: David Gethings, Felician College

E. Activist Ethics, Teaching Ethics, Chair: George Abaunza, Felician College  Kirby Hall 334

“Unification as an Ethical Principle in the Pragmatism of Dewey and James”, William Caspary, New York University

Commentator: Robert Talisse, Vanderbilt University

“Incorporating Ethics into the General Education Curriculum”, Kenneth Stunkel, Monmouth University

Commentator: Rick Kamber, TCNJ

F. Ancient Ethics, Chair: David Robertson, Felician College      Kirby Hall 335

1. “Stoic Bearishness”, Michael Holowchak, Kutztown University

Commentator: Thomas Riggins, NYU

2. “Aristotle’s Regime of the Americans”, Peter Simpson, CUNY Graduate Center

Commentator: Mary Mulhern, Brookside Institute

G. Ethics, Applied Ethics: Chair TBA      Kirby Hall 206

1. “Truth in Perjury”, Joanne Lau, Western Michigan University

Commentator: Kristian Kemptrup, CUNY

2. “The Dogmatic Objection in Moral Theory, Including a Case Study in Butler and Anscombe”, Chris Sula, CUNY Graduate Center

Commentator: Lily Frank, CUNY

5:15 PM WINE AND CHEESE RECEPTION – Kirby Hall Faculty Lounge (3rd Floor)


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