This was the Home page of the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs that I directed (and co-directed, with Joseph Biehl) at Felician University from 2011 to 2020. I resigned from Felician University in protest at the policies of its administration as of May 15, 2020. As one of the parties to the precipitating dispute has (however frivolously) threatened litigation against me, I can’t publicly divulge the details of the events that led to my resignation at the present time.

As the Institute was never officially recognized as part of the University, it was housed since its inception on this WordPress site. Though the University is free to continue the existence of a similar institute by any name it chooses, I reserve the right to transfer all of the material on this site to my personal site, Policy of Truth, which I’ll begin to do at earliest opportunity. Felician University is free to create or re-constitute a similar institute by any name and under any direction with its own resources.

For now, the website may serve as a record of the Institute’s past events. There are no forthcoming events under my direction.

All photographs of the Felician University campus on this site are in the public domain, and remain in place simply to preserve the original look of the website. They do not represent an endorsement of any kind of Felician University. All other photographs are reproduced with the permission of the person photographed. This site no longer represents, and is no longer associated with Felician University.

Irfan Khawaja

May 21, 2020


martinhall.jpg (851×315)

Martin Hall (campus view), at Felician’s Rutherford campus.

The Education Commons (street view) at Felician’s Rutherford campus, site of the Education Commons Auditorium (“Ray’s Place”). 

The Castle at Felician University. Photo courtesy Felician University.

Iviswold Castle (campus view), Felician University.

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