2017 Conference Travel Information

Just a reminder: this year’s conference is at Felician’s Rutherford campus (NOT Lodi), and in Martin Hall. So for starters, make sure you’re headed to the right campus! For Mapquest or GPS purposes, the street address for the Education Commons Building is 223 Montross Ave., Rutherford NJ, 07070-1612. Here is a map of Felician’s Rutherford campus. And here is a link to driving directions to campus.

The preferred place to park is Parking Lot D on Montross Ave immediately across the street from our venue.  It’s legal to park on Montross Ave. itself, or on adjoining W. Passaic Ave, but the parking lot seems a better bet. Campus Security has asked that we not park in the parking lot on Felician Way off of W. Passaic.  (See map in first link above.)

Getting to campus by mass transit from New York City

(1) One possible option is by bus. Take the NJ Transit 190 bus (to Paterson) from Port Authority, and stop at Union and Montross Avenues in Rutherford (it’s about 30 minutes’ ride). Walk south (i.e., a left from the direction you were facing on the bus) about 200 yards to campus.

(2) Another option is by rail: Take New Jersey Transit from New York’s Penn Station to Secaucus Junction (there are four lines that do this). At Secaucus Junction, take the Bergen County Line to Rutherford Rail Station. Make sure to buy a ticket before you board the train; there is a $5 surcharge on board if you don’t. Tickets can be bought either at the ticket counter or by ticket vending machine.

Once you get to Rutherford Rail Station, you can either (a) walk the 0.6 miles to campus, or (b) take a cab.

(a) If you walk, walk west down Park Ave. (into downtown Rutherford, not East Rutherford) about 0.1 miles until you get to W. Passaic Ave (landmarks: war monument, public library, post office, traffic circle). Then turn right and walk down W. Passaic about half a mile until campus, which will be on the right. The walk is both safe and pleasant.

(b) For cabs, call Rutherford Taxi & Limo, (201) 507-0707 (24 hours); their rates are reasonable, and their dispatch office is a block away from the rail station.

Here is a link to NJ Transit’s rail system:


If you’re  interested in getting into New York City by bus or rail, just reverse the preceding directions.

Travel information for those coming from significantly outside the New York metro area

If you fall into this category, and are flying, you should book a flight into Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark NJ (EWR), and take a cab from there to your hotel. The cabs leave from just outside of baggage claim; get in line to pay the official rate. (I don’t advise avoiding the line and taking a non-official cab.) Be prepared to pay a fare of about $50-60 for cab fare from Newark to the Rutherford area, and then a tip on top of that.

If you are taking an Amtrak train, the relevant station is Penn Station, Newark (not to be confused with Penn Station, New York). When you get to Newark-Penn, take a cab from there to your hotel. Be prepared to pay a fare of about $50-60 for cab fare from Newark to the Rutherford area, and then a tip on top of that.

If you’d rather save the cab fare and take mass transit from Newark, contact the conference coordinator for directions. It’s cheaper, but a time-consuming hassle.

Last modified: September 14, 2017