Workshop Series

The Felician Workshop Series in Philosophy and Normative Theory takes place periodically across both semesters at Felician. Sponsored by the Felician College Department of Philosophy in conjunction with the Felician Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs, the series features intense, focused discussions between presenters and members of Felician’s Philosophy Department. The aim is for presenters, typically at institutions local to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, to “workshop” their current research in a pleasant, collegial setting. The “workshop” format began with the 2013-2014 academic year, replacing what was previously called the “Socratic Discussion Forum.” Presentations on any philosophical topic are invited; topics need not be confined to ethics or normative theory. The Institute also occasionally hopes to host presentations on topics outside of philosophy, with the assistance of members of the Felician faculty in the relevant discipline.

Unless otherwise specified, all workshops take place during the College’s official “meeting hour” (M, W, or F, 1-2:15 pm) in the Board Room of Iviswold Castle on the Rutherford campus (1 Felician Way, Rutherford, New Jersey, 07070). As of 2010, all ethics- and politics-related talks will be sponsored by the Ethics Institute, and non-ethics-related talks will be sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. In the interests of completeness, both ethics-related and non-ethics-related talks are listed below. Talks (including talks scheduled in the future) are listed in reverse chronological order. For more information, email Irfan Khawaja at <khawajai at felician dot edu>.

November 2 (Wednesday, 1 pm, Castle Board Room)  (postponed)
Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician University)
“Character-Based Voting: A Critique of Jason Brennan’s The Ethics of Voting
Sponsored by FIEPA. 

May 13 (Wednesday, 10 am, Kirby 407)
Caitlin Baard (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“Nagel on BDSM and Sexual Perversion: A Critique”

Chelsea Barrett (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“Is Hobbes an Egoist?”

Daniel Postel (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“People and the Interconnected Planet: Middle Ground Environmental Ethics”
Sponsored by FIEPA and the Department of Philosophy.

September 24 (Wednesday, 1-2:15 pm, 206 Kirby Hall)
Gregory Sadler
(Philosophy, Marist College)
“Just What Is a Platonic Virtue?”
Sponsored by FIEPA.
A video of the talk.
A brief discussion of the talk at Irfan Khawaja’s blog.
A brief discussion of the talk at Greg Sadler’s blog.

May 12 (Monday, 12:45-3 pm in 335 Kirby Hall)
Macy Chase (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“Theories of Justice: How We Justify and Implement Punishment”

Wilfredo Torres (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“The Possibility of a Sartrean Ethics: Being a Being-for-Others”
Sponsored by FIEPA and the Department of Philosophy.

November 15 (Friday)
Graham Parsons (Philosophy, West Point Military Academy)
“The Absurdity of Public War for Human Rights”
Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

September 18 (Wednesday)
Lisa Warenski (Philosophy, City College of New York)
“The Return of Thrasymachus”
Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

May 15 (Wednesday):
Anthony Bizien (Undergraduate Philosophy and History Major, Felician College)
“No Child Left Behind: A Deweyan Critique.”

Mark Carbonaro (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“Cruelty, Love, and Fear: A Critique of Machiavelli’s Prince.”

These senior thesis presentations took place 1-3:30 pm in 407 Kirby Hall. Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute and the Department of Philosophy.

April 10 (Wednesday): Raffaella De Rosa (Philosophy, Rutgers-Newark)
“The Real Challenge of Locke’s Critique of Nativism.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

March 1 (Friday):  Stephen Grimm (Philosophy, Fordham)
“Understanding as Knowledge of the Cause.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

February 6 (Wednesday): Maria Lopez (Undergraduate Philosophy Major, Felician College)
“The Marxian Critique of Capitalism.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Felician Ethics Institute. This senior thesis presentation will take place at 1 pm in Kirby 407.

November 14 (Wednesday): Gregory Sadler (Philosophy, Marist College)
Anger and Akrasia in Aristotle.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

September 26 (Wednesday): Yvonne Raley (Philosophy, Felician College)
“Do Species Exist?” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

March 14 (Wednesday): Tiger Roholt (Philosophy, Montclair State University)
“A Phenomenological Approach to Musical Subtlety.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

January 27 (Friday): Robert Talisse (Philosophy, Vanderbilt University)
“Impunity and Republican Freedom.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

Iviswold Castle, on Felician’s Rutherford campus, site of the Felician Current Research Workshops

December 14 (Wednesday):
Donald Casey (Philosophy, Felician College)
“St. Francis of Assisi as a Source of Ethical Reflection.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

November 11 (Friday): Ishani Maitra
(Philosophy, Rutgers-Newark)
“What Assertion Is.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

September 28 (Wednesday): “9/11 + 10: Reflections.”
A Panel Discussion with members of the Felician College faculty: Joseph Biehl, “The Search for Meaning” (Philosophy); and remarks by Fr. John O’Neill (Religious Studies, Campus Ministry), and Gary Krulish (Criminal Justice). Obal Hall 310, 1 pm. Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

March 28 (Monday): Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician College)
“Singer on the Afghan War: The Use and Abuse of the Last Resort Criterion.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.
Singer on the Afghan War

February 18 (Friday): Michael Menser, (Philosophy, Brooklyn College/Graduate Center CUNY)
“How Best to Solve the Global Food Crisis? Sovereignty, the Right to Food and the Role of the State.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

November 8:
Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician College)
“And the Last Shall Be First: A Critique of the ‘Last Resort’ Criterion of Just War Theory.” Sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute.

April 26: Joseph Biehl (Philosophy, Felician College)
“Keep the Faith, Hold the Knowledge.” Sponsored by the Dept. of Philosophy.

February 29: Donald Casey (Philosophy, Felician College)
“Jalaluddin Rumi on Faith and Reason.” Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

November 16: Jeff Buechner (Philosophy, Rutgers-Newark)
“Critical Thinking Skills Which You Think You Have, But Really Don’t.”

October 26: Vincent Rama (Philosophy, William Paterson University)
“Lessons for Professional and Business Ethics in Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito.”

April 29: Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician College)
“Locke and Load: Gun Control and the Right to Self-Defense.”

March 2: Joseph Biehl (Philosophy, Felician College)
“The Denial of Objective Normative Standards”

November 10: Joyce Mullan
(Philosophy, New Jersey City University)
“Women and Political Violence.”

October 14: Nita de Oliveira (Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University, Porto Alegre, Brazil)
“Global Justice, Ethics, and Politics.”

September 29: Michael Sanford (Mathematics, Felician College)
“The Mathematics of Voting: How Do We Make Choices in a Democracy?”

April 14: Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician College)
“‘Why They Hate Us’: Judging, Explaining, and Understanding Islamist Terrorism.”

March: Donald Casey (Philosophy, Felician College)
“The Platonism of Pope Benedict XVI”

Last revised: September 15, 2017