Calls for Papers

CFPs (ongoing):Philosophy Updates.

CFPs (static):Database of Philosophy Conferences in the United States, compiled by Trevor Hedberg, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Tennessee (PDF, 20 pages).

CFP: Reason Papers, A Journal of Interdiscipinary Normative Studies. The editors of Reason Papers invite papers to be submitted as Articles under the journal’s peer-review process (ongoing). The editors also invite contributions to the journal’s Fall 2014 Symposium, “The Epistemology, Ethics, and Politics of Emergencies.”  (submission due date: March 1, 2014). For more information, please contact the editors at

Call for Book Reviews: Reason Papers, A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies, ongoing. The editors of Reason Papers solicit book reviews across a wide variety of disciplines, including philosophy and political theory. The journal publishes annually each fall, with a due date of June 1, for each year’s issue. Please contact the editors for more information,


Note: Reason Papers is not institutionally affiliated with the Felician Ethics Institute. 

Last revised: December 6, 2013 (IK) 

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